Magic Moves RainbowJam

L.R / E.I

Join our color groovin’ jam session! Mini maestros touch a color to hear its musical note, touch multiple colors to compose their own masterpieces or sing along to nine jammin’ color songs! Different musical styles – from rock and Latin to jazz and country – keep kids engaged and learning. So play the blues, riff some reds, and shred those yellows! Features two modes of play and a 16-page musical activity book.

RainbowJam™ works with color objects in the real world, too! Just switch it to Song Mode, touch an object around you, and you’ll get a melodic surprise!

Shhh...They're Learning!
  • Reinforces color learning
  • Offers opportunity for music creation and real-world musical play
  • Enhances listening skills
  • Perfect for little music lovers
Cut to the Chase
  • Electronic music maker: touch any color to hear its musical sound or to hear a song about that color
  • 2 Modes of play: Instrument Mode and Song Mode
  • 16-Page musical activity book
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (included)

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