Kids' Big Book Of Games

Workman Publishing

rom the creators of GAMES Magazine and GAMES Junior magazine: here are four books that will confound, delight, challenge, stupefy, and captivate readers of all ages. With over a million copies in print, Workman's GAMES series are packed full of puzzles, brainteasers, word-plays, crosswords, rebuses, mazes and conundrums of every shape and size to stump the sharpest wits and the quickest minds. Thousands of hours of fun! Also available in the series: GAMES MAGAZINE BIG BOOK OF GAMES, presenting a thousand hours of twisters and teasers in one giant book; GAMES MAGAZINE BIG BOOK OF GAMES II, marking a decade of GAMES' masterful ability to delight, tease, and perplex; and GAMES MAGAZINE THE BOOK OF SENSE AND NONSENSE PUZZLES, full of the best quickies from the magazine in a friendly, chunky format.

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