Movie Night Policy & Code of Conduct

Dear parents,

We are kindly asking all guests to help us keep our Friday Movie Nights pleasant and fun for everyone! As the popularity of the event grows, we realized some key areas can be improved upon. We now provide pizza along with a small snack to help with a smoother bedtime and offer kids to take on leadership roles to help promote confidence in public speaking.

After a long week of school and activities, Friday evenings can be especially tiring. We absolutely adore every single one of our little guests and hope that with their help, movie nights can continue to be pleasant and fun!

How our little guests and their parents can help?

  • When you arrive at the movie night, find one of the hostesses to collect your Kaleidobucks.
  • Remember to be kind to one another and use polite words.
  • Raise your hands during the movie if you would like to have more snacks or need to use the bathroom.
  • Remember to always keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  • Listen and follow instructions, participate and have fun!

If inappropriate behavior occurs:

  • We will explain to our guest in private and give them a warning.
  • If during the same evening inappropriate behavior continues, we will notify parents at pick-up

If inappropriate behavior continues after warning:

  • Parents will be called to pick-up their child earlier without a refund.
  • After 2 early pick-ups, the little girl or boy will not be allowed to attend movie night for 1 month.
  • Upon return, if there are no further incidents for the next 4 consecutive movie nights we will reward our little guest with a Free Movie Night pass!

Tickets & Absence

Ticket(s) may not be transferred to a different child but are fully refundable if we are notified 48 hours in advance of the event. Movie Nights are sold out quickly and we'd like to do our best to accommodate potential attendees. Conditions will be applied unless the event is canceled due to severe forecast. No exceptions.See you Friday night!

 Kaleidoscope Toy Store

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